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Does your Doctor's TAILORing influence you?

Researchers plan to launch a new study on the impact of doctors’ clothing choices, called "Target Attire to Improve Likelihood or Rapport” or TAILOR, after a review of 30 studies on physician attire that included 11,533 adult participants from 14 countries found that "Patients tend to have more trust and confidence in doctors who wear suits or white coats compared with those who wear more casual clothing.

However, in emergency situations, patients’ trust was not affected by the clothing of the doctors, according to researchers from the University of Michigan Health System."


[b\Does your doctor's clothing choice influence your level of trust and confidence in them?


Photo: I think it would be hard to beat the sartorial elegance of our Rainbow Lorikeets, though I'm unsure of whether I'd trust the medical opinion provided by a penguin over that of a lorikeet :)

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All I care about is that my physician wears a clean lab coat and washes his hands. Casual clothing under the lab coat is fine, it's transmission of infection that I'm concerned with. The lab coat he or she wears should not leave the hospital and should be laundered by the hospital every day. If the office is not in a hospital or other facility which provides laundry service it should be brought to a laundry facility daily.

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