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Night sweats increasing

Hi, I am newly diagnosed (2 months) and my latest WBC was 27,000. That was was 3,00 less than the month before but I understand that is insignificant in terms of data. My concern is that the night sweats are getting worse. They start at 11.00p.m. and I can have 6-10 before morning. What are night sweats all about and if they increase does that mean my WBC is increasing as well?

I have put myself on a strict regime of no sugar, lots of alkylising foods, no alcohol and plenty of exercise and now I'm wondering if I'm doing myself more damage by this.

I'm a bit concerned. I have another 2 months to go before the next test.

Anyone got any experience of this?

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The important thing to watch is your ALC (absolute lymphocyte count) and try to not worry about the WBC (white blood cell count) as the WBC goes up and down according to how active your immune system is and whether it's fighting off a cold or not - think that's right.

My experience with night sweats is try to keep cool and only use cotton bedding and night clothes, not man made fibres. Keeping a window open even a crack also helped. My GP doc told me night sweats are caused by the body revving up trying to repair everything while we're asleep.


Further to splashsplash''s good advice, your night sweats may come and go without apparent reason, but if they continue to worsen, you should check with your specialist without waiting the 2 months.

You won't succeed trying to change your blood pH with an alkalising diet in an attempt to slow the growth of your CLL. Your body needs to maintain your blood acid level near neutral - a process called homeostatis, in order to maintain your health. If it varies from this tightly controlled pH level (which can happen with some illnesses), you'll quickly become very, very sick. If you eat highly acid or highly alkali food, all that happens is that body buffers your blood acid level to keep it within 0.1pH and your breath, kidneys and sweat glands remove the excess acid/alkali.


Debunked - Alkaline diets cure cancer

Debunked in detail - an excellent article


Other Cancer Myths (Myth 3 is the relevant one)


Just eat well and widely and enjoy your food!



Try a handful of almonds before bed. They helped me - at least I THINK it was the almonds. I ate them raw but toasted might also work.


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