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Aussies - Availability of blood cancer drugs – Have Your Say

CLL patients in Australia have an opportunity to inform a Senate inquiry regarding the 'availability' of blood cancer drugs. This is rather timely considering the last two CLL drug proposals were rejected and we are trailing badly behind the US, UK and even Canada!

From the Leukaemia Foundation:

"Some cancer drugs are only available overseas, and not all clinical trials are available to patients in Australia.

Availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia is the subject of a Senate inquiry and the Leukaemia Foundation has been invited to make a submission.

We need your help so the Foundation can give the Senate insight into ‘real life’ examples of the range of issues people have encountered in accessing blood cancer drugs and the effect these have had on their lives and their families.

Please complete our Drug Access Survey to provide us with an understanding of your experiences – and to give you a voice in this Senate inquiry.


The survey closes at 9am on Monday, 16 February 2015. All responses remain anonymous.

Thanks in advance for you input. It should take you no longer than 5 to 10 minutes.


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