Skin itchy and rash

For those CLL patients that had mistakenly received a shingles vaccine, I must ask:

Have you had any skin problems that have been diagnosed as an "allergy" ? let me share.

About 2-3 months after being mistakenly given the shingles vaccine I developed very severe itching and a terrible skin rash on legs, arm, and torso. Nothing seemed to help except the prenisone tabs that my dermatologist prescribed. A biopsy was performed and showed nothing but an allergic reaction.

The bout lasted 4-5 weeks and had disappeared and then returned after almost 10 months. Once again it was a repeat. I was then prescribed RX creams and OTC allergy tabs without success. Once again the only thing that helped was the prednisone, but not really that much, this time. I am now using OTC Allegra and bathing with oatmeal soaps.. When the itching really gets uncontrolable, I use a menthol muscle rub ( such as ICY HOT) which stops the itching immediately ! It was an incredible find and I will talk to my dermotologist and share this information with him soon. Nobody suggested this. I just thought I would try it..It works quickly.

I don't know if there is any association between the receiving of the shingles vaccine and this rash or any other skin condition apprears. I suspect that there is and so I'm throwing it out there in hopes of receiving feedback.

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  • Hi Soflajoe,

    I have had eczema/psoriasis since getting my CLL diagnosis, and the severity changes opposite to my CLL progression (when my CLL is worst I have few skin problems- but when my CLL is in remission, I itch).

    Since CLL is considered a cancer of the immune system, and many of us have auto-immune diseases, it would seem that CLL or it's underlying mutations also mess up our immune systems.

    While I don't enjoy the skin issues, I find it easier to deal with vs. problems like ITP, AIHA, kidney or heart issues.

    Wikipedia has a list of all the possible and confirmed auto-immune diseases at


  • Hi Soflajoe

    I have had a rash on my legs/backside for the last 13 months.

    My GP is treating it as folliculitis ... along with the rash I have ' goosebumps ' ... it only irritates/itches rarely.

    I've been prescribed Dermol lotion 200 - Dermol 500 - and HiBiscrub, and a course of antibiotics.

    My mother once had cracked/split skin on her heel, nothing she was prescribed seemed to do any good ... a guy who was an ex boxer said that he used to treat skin damage with ' oatmeal milk '

    Put about 1 dl (0.5 cup) of oat groans or rolled oats in some cloth and tie it up to make a small bag. Put this in your bath tub or in your foot bath. Press the bag a bit until the oatmeal “milk” comes out. You can also use this bag instead of soap on your body or face. It will give a light scrubbing and cleanse your skin and pores.

    So I think that I will try the oatmeal soap say on one side and not the other to see if there is any difference being made by the soap.

    Likewise with the milk ... for the sake of the experiment, instead of immersing both legs in a bath, I'll treat the top half of my legs, but not the bottom half ... of course this will entail walking about for an hour or so to agitate the mixture properly ....

    .... now where did I put my incontinence pants ?

    It would be helpful to know, like you said, if there are others here who have problems with rashes, and if they know of any treatments that they have tried to rid them.


  • I had a bad one recently and I used athletes foot powder and it dried up in a couple of days and stopped spreading!

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