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Six extraordinary Australian birds you need to see

Six extraordinary Australian birds you need to see

Totally non-CLL related, but since I've been accompanying many of my posts with my pictures of Australian birds which many have appreciated, I hope you'll excuse my indulgence in sharing this article.

Rochelle Steven, PhD Candidate - Environmental Futures Research Institute, Griffith School of Environment and Guy Castley, Lecturer both at Griffith University, have written the following piece with photos and videos of some of Australia's more unusual birds:

I hope you find this as interesting and enjoyable to read, watch and listen to as I did and that it helps you forget about CLL for at least as long as you spend on it.


Photo: Another shot of one of my favourite local birds, the superb blue wren. I've spend many enjoyable hours just standing and watching these birds flitting through the scrub. This chap raised a young family with his much plainer mate and valiantly attempted to redirect my attention away from the chicks as they were learning to fly.

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just love to have the photograph in Photoshop to remove the small branch in front of it. still its a great shot


I like the way it is behind the branch - so natural.

Chris (UK)


Fascinating Neil

Thanks for posting, but favourite has to be your blue wren. Totally opposite to the small brown wrens in the UK.



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