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Is Search better? Feedback Please!

Is Search better?  Feedback Please!

I've been asked by Simone Pereira, HU Community Manager, to provide examples of where the site search fails. I tried some searches for information on new treatments and to my surprise, I was delivered results, even though the search words weren't tagged.

So if you can, it would be great to have a few examples from your experience using Search; what

- you are looking for

- your search words are

- posts you get (brief description of number of responses and how applicable they are to you search

Remember, for posts that are not hidden, you can compare what you get with an Internet search site, like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. In Google, you can limit the search results to those from HU thus: search word(s)



Photo: Some Eucalypts (gum trees) have very twisted branches

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Hi Neil

I used 'CLL Newly Diagnosed' as my search parameter had 70 hits. Many more on google but not all reliable and I can see how some might stumble upon sites that are not up to date, or as good as they could be. Did wonder why HU results are not in last date order so the more recent posts and replies are shown first. But much better search than it used to be.

Love the Eucalypts shot



Much improved search function... but please... the search field in the green bar should only search the current community, at the moment it is a global search of HU... or have a toggle for community search or global search...

I tried a search for 'Anna' looking for 'Anna Schuh', and got posts about an Annas in another community that had kidney problems, lupus etc... waste of time and processor cycles...

Also, the latest post should appear first, but there should be a way to reverse the date order, should a user wish to do this...

~chris ... nice shot...


I generally enter CLL in the search field to avoid returns from other communities. Occasionally I forget and sometimes I've found some useful discussions.

Thanks for the good suggestions; you and Bub aren't the first to complain about the date order problem.



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