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ASCO 2014: Dr. Byrd: What we could only Learn from a CLL Phase 3 Trial about Ibrutinib and Ofatumumab in Relapsed CLL


I just posted an audio only interview with Dr. Byrd on my blog: It is full of important issues concerning trial design and equipoise, and surprising findings in the Resonate trial comparing ofatumumab to ibrutinib

Enjoy but please do forgive my lousy recording technique- Dr. Byrd is very clear and what he has to say is worthwhile.

Stay strong

Brian (from a plane over the Atlantic on my way to Greece to speak about the patients want in CLL treatment at a hematology conference- isn't technology cool)

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I tried to access this but it says 'blog not found'! Perhaps the technology is too cool...?


It worked for me but added .tr to the end perhaps cuz I posted from Turkish Airlines.


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