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New video - When clinical trials are discussed with patients as an option for CLL treatment

Gwyneth Stafford CLL & Lymphoma Nurse Specialist at Cambridge University Hospitals discusses how clinical trials may be first introduced to patients and if a trial is an option that should be considered. What, where, when and if patients fit trial criteria, How the Cambridge centre connects patients with other relevant trial centres. Gwyneth discusses the impact of greater attention and increased monitoring during trials versus greater commitment required from patients themselves to attend and participate in additional protocols during treatment in a trial,.

Q1) How many people are not familiar with the clinical trial process, how do you join a clinical trial?

Q2) Do you get better care when you are enrolled in a trial?

There is one further Gwyn Stafford video to follow tomorrow, we will then be publishing a series of patients' and carers' video interviews after the weekend.

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