ASCO Updates Template for Survivorship Care Plans

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued a new online template to assist oncologists with creating survivorship care plans (SCP) for their patients following active therapy.

Download ASCO's New Survivorship Care Plan Template:

3 Replies

  • In B.C. Canada, we don't have ibrutinib yet, but are fortunate enough to have totally integrated medical records.

    All my doctors have access to everything, and if my oncologists wants a follow-up from my cardiologist, it is flagged, and he gets the message... same for my GP, radiologists and dermatologist...

    The SCP seems so archane...

  • My wife works for EPIC:

    Epic is global but due to the high cost of their softwares not too many healthcare institution can afford having it.

  • Certainly electronic integrated documents are the way of the future... our system runs on PARIS... works well from my point of view as a patient..

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