HU Update on log in, hidden reply and missing message bugs

HU Update on log in, hidden reply and missing message bugs

Here's an update from HU's Community Manager Simone Pereira, on HU's progress towards fixing a few outstanding bugs:

"1. On the “hidden replies” issue, our developers identified the cause and did a temporary fix that should give them enough time to implement a permanent solution in the next 3 weeks.

2. On the “keep me logged in” issue we will be releasing a related “auto login” functionality by the end of this week."

Some members have had difficulty accessing Private Messages; they no longer appear in the list of private messages even though they haven't been deleted. The 'missing' messages can be accessed by clicking on the link in the email notification. HU are still trying to reproduce that error so that they can identify the cause and fix that bug. If anyone notices this happening, HU are still trying to reproduce that error and would appreciate further examples. I've asked HU what information they'd like, given it's a bit hard to provide a snapshot of what you can't see :) .


Photo: I was surprised to find trapped borer beetles when I split some firewood. Looks like the grubs turned into adults before they could escape the tree! You can still see some in the holes that they bored, plus I've pulled out a couple and added my comb for scale. Just look at the length of their antennae!

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  • Good one... Neil... some action... thanks...

    So, the beetles can bore down into the HU code and use their exceptionally large antenna to find the problem and fix it... maybe...

    Or they can just comb the internet for an answer... to this ongoing saga... :-)


  • Thanks! A side splitting laugh is better than timber splitting any day. ;)

  • I sent screen shots of my messages - a series of five or six - which showed messages there in one and gone in the next, as well as the numbers going down. The missing messages disappeared from the top and from down a few. It was obvious that they were no longer there and that the number was changing. what more do they want. Yesterday a bell with the number one appeared. I suppose the bell has always been there? when I clicked on it I discovered that it indicates responses to my posts. This is the first time I have received this notification, even though there was a long list of my various responses. It doesn't do much good to have a feature like that if it doesn't work.


  • Further on the missing Private Messages bug, HU have got back to me apologising for the confusion as they do think that they have enough information to fix the bug - hopefully in the next few weeks.

    Pat, I did write a post about the bell/notification when it was released. Here's HU's blog on it:

    I agree with you; I've not found it reliable recently, though it seems to be working better now...


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