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Light-hearted look at Cancer Risks

My son's friend showed me this web site over weekend - all from UK's Daily Mail (unfortunately a v popular tabloid) over the years - have a laugh on:

Risks include:

Being a man....and oh, being a woman

Pregnancy/Giving Birth/Children/Fatherhood and ...oh, being childless

Eating carbohydrates, vitamins, beef, pork, eggs (free range eggs get extra mention!), bread, goes on

Drinking tea, coffee, water, goes on

If you are a woman, please no lippi, bras and definitely don't ever menstruate

If you are a man, don't shave (mind you, sex is another 'risk' factor, but if we did not shave, we might not have sex, so that solves two risks in one go....but, ah.....the childlessness one now looms large!)

AND do NOT turn the light on when going to loo at night!

Careful now, even Facebook is on the list!

Shame so many people actually believe this stuff........................

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Oh! my word, trouble for me ... space travel. Hang on aren't we all on a huge spaceship. (Monday morning sarcasm).

Just goes to show it's all about selling copy not informing people.



Surprised they haven't listed living - yet!


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