The High Cost of Cancer Drugs

My new blog from the US perspective. Let me know what you think and also share any perspective from other countries too

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  • It is hard enough to save enough money for retirement but the added worry and pressure of drug cost can be overwhelming. Can we afford 20% of the cost of chemo? Add to that 20% of all other medical cost that go along with treatment. Will supplemental insurance cover that 20% ? All questions many of us are facing and hoping financially we will be OK.

    I found the segment on drug cost that was on 60 Minutes scary and frustrating!

    From the time my husband started this journey a year ago our medical cost have come close to $100,000. Most of it covered by insurance. He is starting treatment that will go well over that amount. How do the drug companies expect us/insurance to continue paying that kind of money? The sad part is because we own a home and have an income we do not qualify for assistance. I don't have answers but find this a timely topic.

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