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It’s your choice: how to plan for a better death

It’s your choice: how to plan for a better death

Margaret Brown, Social Scientist and Adjunct Research Fellow at the Hawke Research Institute at University of South Australia explains what's involved in advance care planning and why it is important to do this - "Thinking ahead about how we would like to be cared for if we can no longer make our own decisions is called advance care planning. It’s a simple idea, but one most of us find difficult to do."

While the particulars are Australia specific, it is interesting to read how these important documents only got their start after the first advance care directive legislation, the Natural Death Act was passed in California in 1976. There's sure to be something similar where you live. Perhaps members who have gone through this process can update us on what's involved so that our world wide membership can find relevant information for them.

Here's a related blog by Dr Sharman:

I couldn't resist including a Round Tuit to help us through this difficult and easy to put off task. I promise that my future posts will again include photos I've taken.


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In North America, these legal documents are called Advance Directives or Living Wells etc.

Every CLL patient should have one in place prior to treatment... but take your time to think about this... discuss it with everyone you love, is extremely important.

In Canada, the scope of these documents vary from province to province, talk to your healthcare provider, oncology social worker or lawyer...

Legal costs are generally small... to draft your wishes...


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No thanks.


This is an honest and important selection of posts - I recommend it to be read by everyone who is in a position to cope with it.

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