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Are you sitting comfortably? (part 2)

Are you sitting comfortably? (part 2)

We've all heard the bad news about the health risks associated with being sedentary, which for many of us that are struggling with CLL related fatigue, is perhaps just another worry that we wished we had the energy to do something about. Perhaps the following research news may prove reassuring? From an experiment with an admittedly small number of subjects, the adverse effect on the major leg artery lining of just sitting for 3 hours was measured and compared with the results of just spending 5 minutes every hour just slowly walking around. It seems that even a small amount of gentle exercise every hour is enough to be beneficial.


Indiana University Bloomington news release:

Are you sitting comfortably? (Part 1):


Photo: An Eastern Rosella; one of Australia's colourful parrots

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I find this very reassuring. It's good to know that just 5 minutes of gentle walking every hour, can make a significant difference. Sometimes that's about all we feel capable of...

P.S. Wonderful parrot, Neil. Your Australian birds are SO bright and colourful.


Yes I find gentle jogging on grass 10 mins there 10 mins back every morning really lifts my spirits and makes me feel I can cope with anything. It's good to know that when I can't jog any more, walking will still do the job.

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