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Creating a better Health System - Lessons from England

Creating a better Health System - Lessons from England

This article is part of an interesting "The Conversation’s" International Health Systems series, where possible opportunities for improving Australia's Health System are suggested, based on what has been found to work well in other countries. Richard Norman, Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics at Curtin University and Suzanne Robinson, Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at Curtin University look at the lessons England's NHS has for Australia:


There's a complete list of previous articles at the end of the article. Other particularly interesting articles that contrast the performance of different countries in providing health services to their citizens are:

Creating a better health system: lessons from America


Infographic: comparing international health systems


(Includes amongst others Australia, Canada, UK, USA.)

While these articles are mainly of intellectual interest, they may prove of interest in highlighting deficiencies in your country's health system that you may be able to counter through various means to the betterment of you and your family's health.


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