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I have just started on a six month programme of immunoglobulin infusions as my IgL is 1. My target is 5. I had a severe reaction to the

first infusion but, thanks to preparatory drugs, the second attempt a few days later was 100% successful. The infusion took over seven hours. I am already feeling better and have started to respond positively to antibiotics prescribed to tackle the cold/cough I have had for eight months. Previous courses were ineffective. My infusions are every six weeks. What have been other CLL patients' experiences?

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My husband has his monthly and will do for rest of his life as since completing his chemo in May 2011 he has had succession of infections. he only has 15 ml and after the first infusion feels so much better, has it fairly slowly as if it is speeded up too much he gets very hot. he has his 7th session next week. We always book first appt and usually get away by midday which is great as chemo used to take 7/8 hours as again when speeded up he would get reaction. More concerned about excessive weight loss with no explanation as has good appetite.


Similar for me. My initial adverse reaction was due to increasing the speed of the infusion.


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