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ASH 2013: Dr. Neil Kay on Why We Need a CLL Expert and on Clonal Evolution

Hi friends,

I just posted on my blog ( ) Dr. Neil Kay out of Mayo discusses some new and old news that we can use from my interview at ASH 2013.

#1 Put together the right team with a CLL expert as the leader

#2 CLL is a disease that changes over time and that has important implications about how it should be managed.

If you missed it, the prior post is my interview with Dr. Furman also at ASH 2013.

Just putting my schedule together for ASCO, but first I will be be posting the remaining interviews from ASH

Stay strong


2 Replies

Hi the science behind this must be phenomenal. Thanks for the video. Best wishes


Many thanks for that Brian, great interview with Neil Kay.

Look forward to part 2 on the evolution.

Best Regards,



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