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iwCLL 2013: Dr. John Byrd Discusses the Role of Novel Therapies versus Standard Chemo-Immunotherapy

Hi friends,

I am off to ASH with my slowly improving cough and runny nose. Expect updates on the fly on the latest CLL news.

In the meantime my blog will give you something to cogitate. Can't get enough opinions on this important topic of chemo versus novel therapies.

Stay strong


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That's great news to hear you are now well enough to travel to ASH Brian, and wish you a continued recovery.

Saw my consultant team yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised that the thinking seemed to have dramatically changed from previous visit (re FCR vs new therapies), and their answer to most of the difficult Q I asked was the new therapies.

They may not be perfect yet, but are hopefully a big step forward that we have to try out.

On the MRD front I think I could happily learn to live with my CLL, just need to keep it under control at a healthy level.

Look forward to the posts



Hi I watch all these videos because I find them so informative. I went to a cll meeting at Bart's London but nothing was videoed so nothing is on the net to share. How difficult is it to set up these videos? I know that cll uk has limited resources but is it possible? I don't think we can do a professional job like yourself but I don't think that matters. If you have any suggestions about how to get started please let us know. Many thanks


Hi Jangreen it was great to meet again very briefly in London on Tuesday.

You will be pleased to learn about developing colaborative initiatives between CLLSA and partner organisations to produce material with a UK and European perspective. For hosting here and on the CLLSA website. I am pleased to announce we are moving forward with a more active collaboration and alliance with Andrew Schorr and Patient Power. Partners page

Short term CLLSA and Patient Power have designed a few new video players to make available groupings of different types of video as they come available from variouse venues:one for Living with CLL, one for UK & European Perspectives, one for Global Perspectives. We will also be creating material from interviews with patients and carers these are in planning for the UK. This all takes time but is underway.

We will not be videoing patient meetings or speakers talks. But hope to be able to interview selected patients, advocates, health professionals and clinicians at these create relevant educational material in the future. at the moment Andrew is at ASH with Brian and others interviewing selected people to provide a variety of perspectives from those attending Ash.

I hope this is helpful

Nick. ,


Let me know how I can help with the videos.


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