Do you need to change your username for added security?

Do you need to change your username for added security?

In my first point in my post "Online Security Starts with You! , I mentioned the advisability of choosing a different username for each site you joined if you particularly valued your privacy. I've just noticed that HealthUnlocked are able to change your username for this site if you wish. Naturally you may not get your first choice of an alternate name if it is already taken, but I for one am impressed that HealthUnlocked provide this service.

Changing your Username:

More on the new Help Pages:


3 Replies

  • Hello

    I want to change my username of tLims777isnw

    to Luella

  • hello update username from tLims777isnw to Luella It seems impossible to do this so I will have to cancel my membership.

    In text you advise to contact via form Customer Support. I cannot find this contact form.

  • Luella, If you go to the "Changing you Username" link above, you'll find the 'Email Us' link below the "Contact Us" heading which appears to the right of the help information about changing your username. I've copied the email link below to save you that navigating.

    Please let me know if you have any further problems (bearing in mind that there is limited support on the weekend, so don't expect a response until Monday UK time at the earliest).

    Health Unlocked Email Support

    (and select the Category 'Update username')


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