Why do so few of us read End User Licence Agreements (EULAs), Terms of Service, etc?

Why do so few of us read End User Licence Agreements (EULAs), Terms of Service, etc?

Further to my recent post on security:


If we are honest, we are all guilty of using web services without taking the time to read and understand the conditions of use and how that could adversely impact us. To illustrate with a recent example, how many of us have ignored the banner which has appeared on Google's Search page since last Friday, announcing changes in Terms of Service for Google products?


(Only relevant if you've signed up for Google+)

The most controversial change relates to how your Profile name and photo might appear in Google products (including in reviews, advertising and other commercial contexts).

You are opted in by default, so opt out if you use Google+ and you don't want this to happen. The default setting for "Shared Endorsements" is to use your Google+ information in ads. An example of how your endorsement may appear is given in the article below:


I know reading all this legalese is (often deliberately) written in hard to understand language, but don't we owe it to ourselves to at least do a search on-line, to find out if people that do take the time to read and understand these agreements are accepting of them? Thankfully, we can still do that without agreeing to a EULA before we use a search engine!

Remember shrinkwrap licensing agreements, where the packaging make it impossible for you to read the contract before completing the purchase:


Has there been any improvement?


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  • thank for warning and info EULA

  • Neil

    I guess some of us (me) aren't as bright as we could be and have been guilty of being naive and far too trusting in this harsh world.

    However, I didn't ignore the banner which appeared on Google but read and kept it.

    sparkler x

  • Here's a good independent overview of the changes Google will introduce next month:


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