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iwCLL 2013. Dr. Burger discussed more of the gritty details about how some of the novel therapies work


In my blog ( ) I have posted the second part of my interview with Dr. Burger from iwCLL 2013 where we look under the hood and get into some of what we know and don't know about the new molecules and their effect on the marrow and direct killing of the CLL cells.

Stay strong


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Thanks for this Brian. I am on the RESONATE2 study (Ibrutinib arm), and have the 11qdel and bulky denopathy.

The big question I have is what happens when I stop taking the Ibrutinib after the 12 months is up? How quickly is the CLL likely to come back? That is, if it is ever really gone. I am aware that with the 11q it will always come back.

These are, I know, questions for my consultant next visit.


How did you get on the trial and where are you? Am hoping to get on one when I get the results of ct scan. Good luck


Hi Speckly, when it came to time for treatment, I asked for a second opinion and a chance of a clinical trial. I got a referral to Bournemouth hospital in UK here as they were running 2 trials that I was interested in.

I opted for the Ibrutinib versus Chlorambucil (randomised) and rolled the dice and fortunately was randomised to the Ibrutinib arm. Where are you?


Odds are they will enroll you in an extension trial. If not, it may depend on the disease burden. Some who have stopped have had nodes swell up quickly, others have had sustained remissions.


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