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Catherine Wu on Genetic Profiling: The Key to Personalized CLL Care (Patient Power video)

Catherine Wu on Genetic Profiling: The Key to Personalized CLL Care (Patient Power video)

I found this a very exciting and interesting video where Andrew Schorr interviews Catherine Wu of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston about the promise of precision treatment based on our individual CLL genetics.

"Now that cancer genes have been mapped and the price of genetic testing has decreased, experts are excited about how genetic information can inform more personalized CLL care. Dr. Catherine Wu, a leading Harvard researcher from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, foresees the day when CLL patients will routinely have successive genetic tests to adjust precision treatment and keep up with new cancer gene mutations that a patient might develop."

Thanks Chris for finding this,


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Thanks Chris and Neil.

For the future things are looking brighter, however quite away in the future, from research to trial to application. However good to see and hear how research particularly in genetics is moving ahead.



I think my service is running slow the player keeps stopping. I may have to wait till next week when Dr Anna schuh and team who share this area of specialisation in advancing CLL clinical research and it's application today and tomorrow. is the keynote speaker at the CLL Support Association meeting on the 15th next week. We will get a good insight from her of how she anticipates it will impact on treatment and management and timing here in the UK..

I guess we can get a good update then. the picture is looking very exciting though this kind of technology when translated and affordable and used alongside novel therapies should change the face of CLL medicine. We have to keep pushing for change.while we wait.

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