iPhone iPad & Droid App just released by LRF- great for newly diagnosed and experienced members

For all the new members and even the seasoned veterans that use a smart phone, the Lymphoma Research Foundation focusonlymphoma.org/ has released a app for iPhones iPads and Droids that has lots of the informative reading, blood tracking and even voice recording features we all suggest that new members use.

The most comprehensive mobile app for lymphoma. Download now from the App Store and Google Play.



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  • Sadly this does not work reliably. I cannot get past a sign in screen on my tablet. On my Samsung phone after several attempts I did get the download to function.

    Is this app for USA only.? I was trying the Android version.

    I sent them an e-mail ten days ago on this but never received a reply.

    The idea is good but if it cannot be reliable then thats a big problem as we all know with HU....


  • Had a quick browse through after installing it on ipad and iphone.....seems to work okay. I'll have a more in depth look later on.

  • First, it's free. There is quite a large amount of information, considering that lymphoma and leukaemia has a large amount of sub groups. I looked at the CLL section and what is there covers pretty much what a Macmillan booklet would. There is a section to track medicines and to keep a track of the basic blood tests. Also a feature to use your phone microphone to record consultations.

    The links to lymphoma websites are really more appropriate for a US resident.

    Given that I am seldom far from internet access, it is an app that I would find useful upon first diagnosis but would soon progress to sources such as CLLTopics.org, Dr Sharmans blog, and websites such as this one.

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