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MUST READ! This CLLSA Health Unlocked site will be unavailable during next Tuesday's Upgrade/Move

MUST READ! This CLLSA Health Unlocked site will be unavailable during next Tuesday's Upgrade/Move

Next Tuesday, all Health Unlocked sites will be moving to new web locations as part of a major upgrade.

What does this mean to you?

Between 9AM and 1PM next Tuesday 9th July UK time, this site will be unavailable during the transfer to our new location at

You will automatically be redirected from this site to the new site for a month. (The new site address will improve searchability of our community through online search engines like Google and Bing.)

Following the transfer, we in Admin will also gain our first access to set default positions, categories, headings and messages. Hence our site will quickly evolve as we customise it to better suit the specific requirements of our community. Please bear with us; come Wednesday all should be fully in place.

All our existing content will remain available, contained within a completely new and improved framework of facilities. Many of these will be available with the launch. Others will be added as we evolve together within the new site. You will immediately notice the different look and feel of the site.

What do you need to do?

1) Re-bookmark this site after next Tuesday

2) Enjoy the new features!

What are the changes?

A major change in the way the site will work is that questions and posts (previously called blogs) will be allocated to predefined categories. (Note that all the current blogs and questions will be categorised into these by the Admins after the launch).

Popular and important information will now be able to remain in view in a series of fixed (pinned) posts and discussions. A Recommend button will enable you to flag posts you like and wish to highlight for others.

Tagging will be automated when you post. You will be able to remove unsuitable suggested tags but not add your own. Give it time; the system should learn and become more intelligent with use.

Please look forward to additional information posts to aid your use of the new features as they become available.

We will work with you to ensure that this is as smooth a transition as possible and appreciate your continued patience...

Hairbear and AussieNeil

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Thanks guys....



Thanks for all your hard work.



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