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I.V Methylpred. Anyone else receiving this treatment?

Do you get a bitter taste and sore eyes during infusion, then at the end of the week bloating and affected vision? Two days after the treatment I feel as if I have been run over by a truck . My joints hurt, my glands hurt, my jaws hurt, there's a an explosion of stomach acid and at times I feel as though I have been shot in the back. Is it just me? And I can't stop eating! Hoping it's going to be worth it .......

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Hope you have notified your doctor of these side effects... prednisone made me eat like crazy... and hyper.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, my consultant is aware that I feel beaten up for a week or so after the monthly cycle. I guess we all react to these things differently. I've just finished the 5th of 6 monthly cycles of IV Pred and Rutuximab, and they seem to have had some positive impact - I haven't needed a blood transfusion for a couple of months now.


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