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Have you ever been bullied at school/work

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Have you ever been bullied or ridiculed because of the way you was born?

My husband was born with a cleft lip/palate and he's been taunted, bullied and ridiculed and even discriminated!!

Have you ever experienced negativity


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Yeah, when I was in both highschool and college there would always be someone giving me the stare, calling me creep out of the blue or what happened to my nose.

I think it contributes to my social anxiety and insecurity, I didn't get much support in school, only when the doctor makes a complaint. As for college, non.

As an adult, I still get some stares, not as much as before, I think people prefer not to judge, I had an operation on it as a kid, but it kinda still shows I have a cleft lip and the nose is wonky... It makes me insecure around people, especially girls, I think tge feeling comes back from the girls who randomly tease or call me a creep ir freak many years ago.

I try to forget the past..,.past is the past, but I tend to remember those moments, and sometimes over react inside that I might be being judged or they don't like me because I creep them out,.

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That's awful but I know what you go through as I've watched my husband go through so much over the years he's always been called "flat nose and I hate it..but I tell him I love him everyday and remind him he has me always...some people are so cruel with things they say I am so protective of my husband he's so handsome to me