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Wishing for a miracle!

Wishing for a miracle!

This is not my words but I feel as if whom ever wrote it was inside my thoughts!

I don't like to complain yet I constantly have to remind people that I am in pain! Just because I look okay, doesn't mean I am okay!

If you’re in a car accident and end up in hospital for a bit, when you get home, you rest and get better. You break your leg, you don’t rush around to get things done, you rest and let things heal. When you have a stomach bug, you sleep because a bug wipes you out, you get very tired and you’re poorly

But when you have an illness for the rest of your life, like fibromyalgia, crohn’s disease, EDS, CFS/ME Chronic Pain Syndrome and so on, you’re expected to get on with your life and you do. You can’t sleep it off, you can’t take some meds and get over it and carry on. It stays with you for the rest of your life. It has it’s ups and downs but you can’t escape it. You still have to get up every morning and carry on, no matter how little you slept last night, how much pain you’re in. The biggest part of being an adult is the responsibility and the fact that you just gotta get on with things.

Norovirus, for example, is horrific and I’ve heard people talk about how awful it is and you feel like you’re dying but after a few weeks you’re over it. What if you’ve got lupus though and those few weeks become the rest of your life?

The fatigue you get with fibromyalgia is not something you struggle through during the day, go to sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed. I don’t remember the last time I felt refreshed. You struggle through, sleep or don’t sleep and continue struggling. You live your life on auto pilot, you just have to find a way to cope. You can’t just sleep it off.

When i’m in pain with my fibromyalgia, it can hurt for someone to even touch my skin. I have days where I can’t even hug my family, the cat can’t sit on my lap and even I hurt me by just being me. It hurts to be in my skin, it hurts to have skin! Pain that doesn’t need to exist does and it’s frustrating because I can’t escape that. A person with fibromyalgia is affected by pain more than a healthy person. You could be punched exactly the same as me and days later, i’ll still feel that pain from the punch, whereas you would get over it minutes afterwards.

I can take tablets but that doesn’t cure it or make it go away completely – it just eases it. People constantly tell me to just take painkillers, but surely if painkillers worked, I wouldn’t complain, I’d just take them. Besides, it’s trial an error, I have to find the correct tablets for me but that takes time and work and i’m trying.

I can’t escape from my body. I can’t go to sleep and forget about it all. I can’t take a nice, long holiday and relax. This is my life and I need people to be patient with the fact that I am struggling some days, I do get upset and grumpy.

You get grumpy when you’re sick and I do too. A lot of the time i’m bouncy and smiling no matter what but that doesn’t mean i’m not in pain and some days it gets too much and I cry and get upset. I don’t mean it, it’s frustrating. Goodness, even the laptop on my legs hurts right now whilst typing this. My arms are aching just from the movement. Even the backs of my legs hurt from just touching the sofa. I stand up, it hurts, I sit down, it hurts.

A lot of my friends have turned their backs on me since my health has gotten worse and I go weeks with out anyone talking to me (outside of work and family.) I’ve learnt to accept that and not let it bother me. I’m learning to be as independent as I can but it’s difficult.

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I can sympathize with you and your difficulties. I am a member of the thyroid community and just yesterday I joined in Fibro and CFS societies.

I get all sweaty when writing this as my laptop is on a table and I have to raise my arms...But I cannot write sitting on a sofa because my neck and lower back start to hurt.

I was diagnosed earlier, around 2003, with fibromyalgia and then later on with CFS. These were "guess"-diagnoses as the docs could n´t agree what´s wrong and they wanted to sooth me with a diagnosis. I do not have the tender trigger points. And I guess my fatigue is not the CFS type at all. Well, I wish a had studied medical sciences instead of psychology and law. Now it is too late. Well, maybe in my next life?

Feel free to contact me if u want. People should n´t be alone and by this I do not mean that you are alone; I bet you have lots of friends. Friends just get tired of listening to our complaints about ill health -> it is a negative flow of energy and that is why they tend to disappear (for a while).

But they will be back! At least the TRUE friends.

Wishing you all the best,


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Who ever wrote that, and yourself, I can empathise with wholeheartedley! I have 4 chronic (painful, debilitating, embarrasing) conditions! I was diagnosed with my 1st, crohns disease, at the age of 15 (26 years ago and most of my intestines gone) gradually on top, usually just as I've thought I could handle the last, I've been awarded ownership of H.S. Spondylosis and Fibro.

What I've found far worse are the effects of the illnesses are the meds used (some of them a life line and others cytotoxic) and how they too have contributed to how you feel. Steroids affect the joints, some meds damage the liver and others wreck your fertitlity. The effect of the illnesses combined with the meds affect you mentally as well. How do you tell someone that actually if i were to take the painkillers at levels that work I would be unable to stand/sit there holding a conversation with them or when they tell me i need to get out of the house, but the years of messing myself or throwing up or passing out or falling over in public places has given me social anxiety and panic attacks (even though I've, until recently, have always been the socialite, fearless dive in then ask questions girl)? Then theres always the times we're brave and venture out, maybe a little supermarket wander (not a big shop!!), to find half way round the pain levels so high you're sweating uncontrollably, eyes virtually rolling, puffing breath trying to control the worse of it and everyone's walking past like I'm a meth head who's just had a hit and the only person who actually stopped was a young shop girl.

I don't think anyone who hasn't lived with constant pain and illness would or could understand! No matter how hard they want to! I don't think I would want anyone I know to live with even half of what most of us go through before lunchtime, but I wish I could make them understand better the whole 'chronically sick' life we have to live! Xx