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We’re excited about what you can go on to do for those affected by Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain. We hope you are too. Write something today about your experience and you’ll be starting your own online movement. And get inspiration from Nick York, another advocate in HealthUnlocked here

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Hi,i'm so happy I found this site,its a pleasure to be here,I can meet folks and talk and share my experiences dealing with chronic pain from adhesions,along with other things,that it has created in my life.I'm here as a source of encouragement too..Thanx.


Hi everyone,

I am new to this particular site but passionate about how chronic illness and pain affects us physically and emotionally. I have pbc, which results in chronic daily pain in many ways. Also I have spinal problems and pernicious anemia and chronic recurrent pancreatitis and gastritis. I dont want sympathy just a understanding of the affects this has on , my family, my work , social life, my finances and of course my ability to cope, which most days I crack on think positive, push myself to my limits. My main frustration is the lack of knowledge out there with the medical profession and their ignorance. Lets face it who wants to be ill. I am a mental health nurse professionally, so if there is anyone out there that wants a kind listening ear drop me a line. I will do my best to support anyone who finds themselves in the same boat. Best wishes