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Does eating chocolate give you spots?

You have to think outside the (chocolate) box with this. Weston Price also noticed the association between the Western diet and chronic health degeneration, compared to 'primitive' societies.

Imagine, if processed food disrupts your hormones causing growths in the skin, disrupts your skeletal formation contributing to facial/dental deformities, what could it do to your coronary arteries?

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Hi Concerned.

My response to your question is yes. If I eat lots of chocolate over a prolonged period of time, I start to get spots on my bum of all places!! I was a severe acne sufferer in my teens and early twenties, and certainly ate lots of chocolate then. Whether this is linked in some way, I do not know. I can quite understand the disruption to hormones causing 'growths', spots presumably being one of these growths.


Did you listen to the link? The key point is that all carbohydrate is sugar to your body, many starches being digested quicker than table sugar. Your body then has to deal with all that glucose, usually by releasing insulin (affecting other hormones) which over a period of time contribute to chronic disease.


Yes. It does talk of high glycaemic index foods stimulating insulin production along with other hormones. So as to your question, the main thought seems to center around excess sebum production triggered by hormones possibly, as a result of the high sugar, plus the impact of bacterial infection which result in spots.

I would agree that peaks and troughs in insulin levels particularly can lead to diabetes, and probably other chronic disease, but I did not get this from that link.


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