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perfect recovery or so i thought.


Hi I had a heart attack and two stents fitted in august, i did all they asked and went on the rehab course and in dec i was nearly back to normal ( perfect recovery) Then for some unknown reason i had internal bleeding and collapsed 4 times ,had to have transfusion and was in hospital for ten days, they stopped my heart tablets for 4 days and i started with bad angina which i never had before, since then i have got unstable angina and can do very little now, had the stress test and waiting for results, could i have damaged my stents ???

david p

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Stopping the tablets wouldn't damaged the stents but perhaps you should go to your doctor for a good check over again. My husband had the same the September before last and seemed to pick up but then shock set in followed by a deep depression which is only now starting to live. For someone who is always on the go it is a physical and mental blow and starting to worry about it will only make your angina worse so get checked out and ask to be referred again if you are not happy. My father was supposedly fighting fit with the body of a much younger man one Friday and died the following Thursday. The Doctors saw nothing and I had to blackmail him into going to the Doctors.

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thanks for the reply, i am still waiting for the hospital to contact me after my stress test which was nearly 4 weeks ago, i will phone them on monday, its so dissapointing when i know you can make a perfect recovery, and this happens.

thanks anyway sometimes it helps to get listened to

are you taking asprin deepstar i had bowel bleed and consultant said it was asprin that caused it was in hospital 10 days has well stopped taking asprin no bleeding heart consultant said it was'nt went back on asprin 2 days later show of blood so never taken it since am okay no you will not have damaged your stents it is due to something else prob need more stents I have gone onto a herbal medication to keep arterys open

thanks for your reply, i do take aspirin ,had the camera down and up all ok, just had pillcam and waiting to see if shows anything, still taking aspirin and no bleeds at moment only this unstable angina, tried phoning consultants sectretary to see what the stess test result was but its a problem trying to get to them, just a waiting game and in thier hands, does your herbal medicine work ??

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