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my blood pressure reading taken by a nurse is 165 /78 i have diabetes take ramiprill for b p


my doctor has told me to incease my ramiprill 125 mg from i a day to 2 a day

is the reading 165 /78 hihh and will i still be able to have the artery to my heart angiogram im march

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I am sure you will and this may help:

Hi Orbison

Yes 165 is high........140 is classed as the top end of normal!

wouldn't think it would bother your angiogram.


thank you both

You must have your operation so obviously take this advice but has he said anything about diet etc to help even more. I don't know about you but mine automatically goes up whenever I know it is going to be taken but of course this will still apply when you go to hospital. I have my own machine to check it at any time.


thank you for reply

yes he says i need to watch my weight im 20 stone and 69 yrs old

so will have a diet

handy to have youir own blood pressure meter readings

i have an app with the med center nurse for blood pressure check she checked this yesterday due to a previous high reading and she said it had increased even more see the nurse again weds

then if still high will be put on an even higher dose of ramiprill

i have a pre op asessement for the angiogram on march 7th i will mention this to them then a week later march 14th i will be having the angiogram

i am blessed with a caring GP practice who understand the problem can just be them and so get patients like us to monitor and chart their own BP 3x a day for a WEEK and then they have a system which allows them to advise as to there being a real problem or not!!! Simple!!! Doing the odd ONE off +/- multi test, centre based by the nurse is not helpful at a stressful time - like waiting for testing.

Hope all goes well with angiogram.

orbison in reply to spats

thank you

Hi orbison

I am 67, been taking Ramipril 2.5mg, and now 5mg for the last few months. I take my own blood pressure, in the mornings and some times during the day time. Its nice to learn what my heart is telling.

I am glad to say my B P has settle down.and pleased with myself.I have put myself on the 12-week NHS diet programme in order to lose my body weight from 85kgs- almost 13-stns to 75kgms, to my healthy weight. I hope to ask my Doctor weather the dose could be reduce back to 2.5mg.

It seems that bp is behaving, and not taking any strenuous work, due to the heart condition.

Had the angiogram done in November 12. results are narrowing in the coronary arteries, therefor arteries bypass surgery has to be carried out.

This should also help my diabetes which I have had for the last 22yrs.


thank you one and all

hi again

on saturday i went to the mrd center nurse to have my b p taken shesaid its come down 1`0 144 /44 but as diabetic need for yt to be lowwer still

she put me on amlopidine 5 mg

i took the first one on sunday and the second today

well today i had app with copd nurse {i have copd } for her to check that then after that she took my b p and said is low 100 /60

i need to see the doc to get a sript for another inhaler for my copd

the nurse has to get doc to sign the script

whilst doing thar she told him abt my latest bp he said for me to carry on with the amlodipne 5mg but take 1 every 2 days instead of daily

and we will check your bp in 4 wks well this thursday i have pre op asessment for my angiogram

and im mentioning my bp of 100/60 as im concerned why it would go from high bp to that in a few days

i have the angiogram the 14th

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