10 years ago Loren Cordain feared saturated fat, what's his view now he's reviewed the latest evidence?


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4 Replies

  • I have heard of many diets and for me this is just another example of paying for something you don't need. I eat fruit, vegetables and either very lean meat or fish each day, granary brown bread and zero fat yoghurts and consider this a very healthy diet together with pure orange juice and water. The early tribes would have been eating a tremendous amount of fat off the animals They also had a much shorter life span and he doesn't say where we would find all the grass fed animals. In reality this reads like science fiction where he talks about evolution but doesn't take it into the equation.

  • Doesn't read like anything to me. Just a big red letter F... much as I'd like to think it means Fail, Friday or Fat Fanatic, I know it means Flash.

  • People can choose to give it a go, or persist with the fat phobia with resulting headlines about rickets increasing for instance; not only due to lack of sunlight, but lack of fat soluble vitamins.

  • There is probably an optimal diet for humans out there but at the moment its bewildering to say the least. There is the French diet where large amounts of fat are eaten, especially in Gascony and where heart disease is low. Inuits have low heart disease and consume vast quantities of whale blubber. Kitawan islanders eat roughly 70% carbs, fat from coconuts and fish - very healthy people. Then there are the Okinawans who consume lots of carbs and moderate amounts of omega 3 fats and who are the healthiest in the world..Not to mention the Masai who have low heart disease and live mainly on blood,beef and milk.

    It seems to be very complicated and perhaps involves genetics and not just diet? There is no easy answer at the moment I think.