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What's changed in 5 years?

This one sneaked by 5 years ago, unlike the constant reiterations we get about the status quo

The Eatwell Plate for instance is just a revamp of the Balance of Health, but as Zoe Harcombe says, look at what’s included. Who stands to gain from promotion of refined products such as ‘whole-wheat’, vegetable oils, and processed soya for instance? Who provides funding to Change 4 Life and other obesity strategies?

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Is there a better source for that than a Daily Fail article hawking a book?

As for Change 4 Life, there's and I think I was emailed a while ago about one of them taking over the lead funding but I don't remember which it was.


I have absolutely no doubt that there is an enormous amount of money to be made in low fat and "diet" foods.

I am now well into my latest losing weight strategy (lost 3lb last week). My pitfalls are eating between meals and in all areas of my life temptation is around the corner. Last Sunday I sat through a tea and cakes farewell party and didn't eat one, someone at work brought in a load of low calorie chocolate bars because "I keep eating them".

We have also cut down on our portions in the evening , often it's my head that tells me I'm hungry not my stomach. Do we just all eat too much? Is it because food is so much a part of our social and working lives. I know I have eaten a biscuit because somebody looked so upset when I refused, now I tell them I have pre diabetes and that seems to work.


Congratulations on the weight loss.

I think there are a number of reasons why people make poor food choices, including emotional and social.

I also think many people's diets are deficient; look at the deficiency in vitamin D highlighted recently, due in part to our fat phobic society.

Many people would find it easier to control their appetite if they ate more protein and fat.

Have you seen this series?


What's changed in five years is that you, I and many others have educated ourselves that the lipid hypothesis is fatally flawed and people aren't just gluttons and sloths.

Everybody understands the governments' mantras and by and large people believe that saturated fat is bad and 'whole grains are good'. The resulting obesity, diabetes and heart disease isn't a time bomb - it's exploded and the ensuing human misery is all around us.

Only when people take cast doubt on the disastrous flawed advice that has brought us to this, research for themselves and take charge of their own health will anything change.

I look forward to the next video in the above series (May I think) and even more so people embracing the diet that kept our ancestors healthy.


Excellent information! I too look forward to more of the same.


The above demonstrates that people don't actually understand the government messages and people claiming that they do, while misrepresenting the messages, is another source of confusing.

Things aren't good (or bad) in isolation. For example, whole grains are probably better than highly-refined grains, but official advice isn't telling people to gorge themselves on any of it. The current advice is for "swaps". Now you might disagree with some of the suggested swaps, but at least you have thought about it.


Due to a recently diagnosed milk and yeast intolerance I have changed my diet. I had been following a "low fat" diet for over 30 years (I must have kept Weight Watchers foods going strong with all the foods I bought from them to keep "slim".) and although my weight had been fine my stomach had been rebelling (diagnosed with IBS over 20 years ago by my GP and followed an "exclusion" diet that omitted everything that made me feel sick including fruit and vegetables. I also had cravings for chocolate and bread and it wasn't until I read an article in a magazine, in of all places the Drs surgery, that I found out that those foods you crave are the foods you should avoid!!!!)

After going privately and having an intolerance test done, I have lost weight, feel marvellous, can now eat fruit and vegetables, and although I have replaced dairy milk with oat milk and do eat Soya yogurts on occasion I am feeling the best I have done for years.

As a side line my cholesterol has also benefited by going from LDL 4.9 to 3.8 and my HDL from 2.1 to 2.3. The new mathematics that are being mooted to calculate your healthy cholesterol is said to be: divide your total cholesterol figure with your HDL figure and if it is below 5 you are tip top. I have and it is.

This, of course, is only my example. With anyone wanting to follow a diet, either for "slimming purposes" or for health a visit to a dietician is usually the first port of call. Mind you, my dietician obviously had a bad relationship with food. Her elbow joints were wider than her upper arm! I had never seen anyone so thin!!

I try to eat as healthily as possible. Moderate portions, nothing in between meals, go easy on the booze!, and have my five a day. I still eat "naughty" things like cakes etc, but I just make them myself so I know what goes into them. No chemicals, no junk. Organic if possible, but not overly fussy about that.

You are right though, the billions that the "slimming" industry must have made out of all of us over the years must be mind blowing! I am just glad that now I have found out what has been my problem I now have no difficulty in keeping trim, eating what I want, and walking daily, about 1 hour a day, that fits in with my life and I feel great.

Good health to you all