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Even After two Angioplasty no satisfactory relief.

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My husband Has undergone two Heart surgeries (ANGIOPLASTY)... two stent have been placed.. the doctor says one artery is narrow so no stent can be placed. But till now there is no satisfactory relief in his health

Can Anybody tell me any solution to this situation.

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Hi there,

I'm no expert,just a patient who has had 4 angioplasty's and 10 stents over the last 15 months.

I still have 'issues', but my arteries are also not in a position for further stenting, and the current cause of action being taken by my Cardiologist is to max out on various drugs.....You can see what i'm taking in my profile.

Considering all the options i believe there are, i am leaning towards a CABG, as people who i have spoken to who have had this all say they have never looked back!

I don't know where you live, but you can 'choose' where your GP refers you to, and its good to get the lowdown on specialist units around your area so you can pick one.

There is no easy answer, and it is imperative you/your husband speak to a suitable 'expert', ask him/her the right questions and then make the decision.

I've also found that searching the NET can be useful, especially when looking for a cardiologist you believe you will be able to trust. I would never have gone to my local hospital, and now travel 150 mile to see my consultant!!

I was given a bit of advice after my last plasty, that reads something like this.......'Remember most cardiologists ARE NOT surgeons and they will lean towards stenting, as that is what they do'. Once you find a suitable centre, you will find that they tend to hold 'multi-disciplinary' meetings where all the difffering view points look at a case and the decision on the way forward is agreed, whether that be surgery (CABG), Further stenting, medication or a cobination.

If you have any specific questions that i may be able to help you with, just PM me.

All the best



Hi, I can only tell you my experience after a mild heart attack - I had an angiogram which showed the left coronary artery was blocked & right 80% blocked! Then referred to Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital under the care of Dr. Nick Palmer who carried out a 2 hour procedure which successfully unblocked the left CA & cleared the right. I have been discharged by my Consultant who said "I'm not discharging you, I'm signing you back onto a full life.

I think you need to do some research into which centres are available to you(also not aware of where you live). It can be fully successful I think it's just getting to see the appropriate Specialist. Liverpool H&C is a Centre of Excellence, so it my be a good idea to get your GP to refer you to them for full assessment. Best wishes and good luck.

in reply to Mike262

It was Sheffield NG i was at, but am now with Liverpool H&CH, and like Mike, I have not got enough praise for both of them, but they are both specialist fast access centres.


Somebody I met had been treated in Leicester for 10 years without success but moved to the North where we have 2 excellent heart hospitals and they have made him a different man by excellent surgery. My husband had a heart attack last year and was in surgery within 30 mins of it happening /as we got to the doors of the hospital the surgeons met us and took him straight in while a nurse took care of us. He couldn't have received better treatment and he is now fine.


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