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Help me out here

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my writings on this site. At least one person seems to be antagonistic toward my contributions. I just want to state here that when I ask questions it is to gain an understanding of other people’s point of view, and my blogs often contain information I find interesting that may allow people to make an informed decision.

I’d like to know why some people are so accepting of advice to ingest chemically extracted oils as a healthier alternative to saturated fats for instance?

I’m all for modern medicine when nature goes wrong, but does anyone ever query what went wrong that their body is unable to repair itself (with regard to heart disease) that impairing the function of the liver helps with?

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Hi Concerned,

There is nothing that you have posted on this site that any of us wouldn't be able to access ourselves and I think it is the nature of these sites that all who contribute are independent thinkers.

Although I try to take a moderate approach some things really disturb me, the high doses of statins being prescribed, the brushing off of side effects, old people who are frightened to stop taking statins despite debilitating side effects (see Dr Andrew Bamji for his views). I am grateful to people like Drs Kendrick and Briffa who keep the debate alive...but it doesn't make it any easier for me personally as to whether this daily pill is preventing me from having a cardiac event. Actually not taking them at the moment, but just had blood test prior to appointment, slapped wrists all round in three weeks! That's me not the doctor (if I'm lucky enough to see one).


Best wishes Aliwally.


I love all information. I welcome any contribution because everyones opinion is valid for them. If someone doesn't agree with me I think that's fine - one size does not fit all and I think that a little controversy is good - it makes me think and re-evaluate what I believe. So carry on posting. After all even the people we love and live with don't agree with us all the time and you will probably never even meet the people on this site ;)


Hi Withaatitude,

Actually, I have met some of the people on this site...and jolly nice they are too!

Agree with your comments, let's all keep on posting.


Well, personally, I'm sick of the handwaving, the incredible claims, the linkspam and so on, posted by people whose profiles are completely blank and who sound like they don't have FH or maybe not even an estimated higher risk of CHD and don't seem like they're HEART UK members. There's a growing minority who seem to come here mainly to promote niche diets and troll people who take statins.

I came here to share experiences with other patients. There are some great supportive people with a range of views (Aliwally, Seahorse, Tricia, Linda and others whose nicknames don't come readily to mind) who have been great. I didn't come here to get mailed random Daily-Mail-style headlines from who knows what doctor's blog.

Remember what the site guidelines say: "Where users post third party information, such as information on new treatments, you are asked to provide references and links wherever relevant and possible."


Just reread the opening comment and realised what I found so offensive about it: the liver function of FH sufferers is impaired, whether or not we medicate, and it's not our bloody choice!

Basically, the production and collection of different types of cholesterol is a bit off-balance, leading to a higher-than-normal blood cholesterol level and an unusual LDL:HDL ratio. We can try to avoid the increase with diets or absorption-blockers or sequestrants, mitigate it with statins or maybe try other things. Maybe in the future, we might counteract the ratio by boosting HDL with the cetrapibs that are in development.

The lipid hypothesis concerns whether or not the elevated level actually has a negative effect, but I thought what FH itself is was pretty uncontroversial.


It would be good if there were some more profiles, especially as now we have 200 plus on the directory.

We all have had different experiences which are bound to shape our views.


What I find difficult to accept is the "one cure fits all" approach that the BHS seems to be suggesting with respect to Statins. Those with FH need one kind of medicinal support, those with Cardiac problems another regime. Why this one pill for everyone attitude. That is why I question any decision by my GP to medicate me. I don't want to be taking any medication that is not necessary, or just a GP's personal need to see h/his agenda followed.

What I want to see is more research into chloresterol. It seems that there are two schools of thought. We need to know which school will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Not just medicate and hope for the best.


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