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Cholesterol and inflammation

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Does chronic inflammation raise cholesterol levels as well as acute inflammation ?

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Please take a look at the diagram and explanation in the link below:

Thank you Sandybrown, I believe I am suffering from both due to an old broken back (several vertebrae which have set wrongly) and nerve damage in my back which causes the chronic and a recent broken elbow which is also mending wrongly and a rotator cuff injury also caused by the fall and a frozen shoulder, which I am working on daily. So I am wondering if my cholesterol will fall to a normal level when my acute inflammation resides.

What are your lipid numbers?

Totol 298Hdl 105

Trig 89

I am not overweight

Don’t smoke

And drink little alcohol

Eat healthy 85%


Also white blood cell very low

Thank you. Where did you do your blood test as the numbers are different to UK measurements.?

I am afraid you need to discuss your lipid numbers and health with a medical person.

Sorry I will covert them total 7.7HDL 2.73.

Trigs 2.3

Thank you. I am afraid you need to check with a medical person.

Unfortunately they don’t have time and have just issued me statin … again I seem to only get it checked when I break something. And one medical person I know told me that statins are only antinflamitories and I think I need my inflammation

I agree with you, GP practice do not have time. It took 21 days for me to get antibiotics for my chest infection after catching COVID - 19 with 3 vaccine and waiting for booster. I am better after two months. NHS have guide lines in cholesterol but I have my view on the numbers and I do not take statin.

If we look at your numbers 7.7= 2.73 + LDL + 2.3/2.2, this is a man made formula.

Your LDL is about 4.

My total cholesterol was high and now at 5.3. I lost 6 kg to get this number but the doctor want me to go on statin which I refused. I asked to Triglyceride and LDL numbers and it was suggested I go for private test which can cost up to 150 pounds.

My next blood test is in December.

Check what your cholesterol levels should be

Result Healthy level

Total cholesterol 5 or below

HDL (good cholesterol) 1 or above

LDL (bad cholesterol) 3 or below

Non-HDL (bad cholesterol) 4 or below

The above is guide line only, we all are different and have different blood test numbers.. Please do not stress with worry, enjoy one life, my life style change started 10 years ago with high cholesterol and high blood glucose. I am not on any medication, at 75 only time will tell before going on to medication. I do not eat after 7 PM and have breakfast after 9 AM, this gives my a fasting time of 14 hours. In today's paper I read 16/8 diet plan, fast for 16 hours and eat during 8 window. Some one want to make money. I do take drinks to my satisfaction, try and avoid free sugar and hidden sugar.

Take care.

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