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Tips for reducing cholesterol


Cholesterol peeps ! After 6 months , losing weight and no butter , I’ve found myself oddly with higher Cholesterol instead of lower ( 8 to 8.4 ) . I’m about 10 days into 40mg of daily stains . According to BMI I’m 2 stone overweight ( oddly also a regular marathon runner ) . Any tips ? Suppose the right thing to do is lose a bit more weight and see how it rolls ..

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My understanding is that human body makes 80 % of cholesterol on demand for the body to function. 20% of cholesterol is from what goes in to your mouth. There may be a reason for your body demanding cholesterol, may be a doctor can answer your question.

As a marathon runner I take if you are very fit. What is you height to waist ratio? Please have a look at this and check the numbers in Google.

What are your lipid numbers? did you doctor do a risk analysis?

Take care.

Thanks so much for the reply, I don’t know my lipid numbers or risk analysis , it maybe something I can ask on my next bloods in a few months .

Batty1 in reply to Zippster1977

Do you have a thyroid issue?

Zippster1977 in reply to Batty1

The thought crossed my mind . Maybe it’s something I can check from a blood test ? I’d like to think my GP might have covered that , thanks for your reply

Batty1 in reply to Zippster1977

GPs don’t cover thyroid issues but I know from first hand experience being hypo causes my cholesterol to sky rocket in spite of my exercising.

TSH isn’t enough to diagnose thyroid problems .

My waitlist is somewhat larger, I wear 34 jeans but realistically it’s probably 36 and I know from a BMI check , I’m at least a few stone overweight . The top end of the BMI normal range is 12 stone 11 and I am 15 stone. So aiming to lose a stone is probably a wise start and that’s what I am working on too .


Butter and fats are not the problem. Cholesterol is an immune response to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is caused by dietary simple sugars and starches.

Sugar and its equivalents, refined carbohydrates such as white flour products, pasta, pizza, as well as white rice and potatoes, soft drinks, fruit juices, excessive fruit, and alcohol, are the items that you have to eliminate. Enjoy a small portion of butter as you wish.

Eat whole foods cooked at home, sugar is in virtually all packaged goods you buy at the supermarket. Look out for condiments like salad dressings and ketchup, they're loaded with sugar.

Read my pinned post to the right or the bottom of this post - 'How I Conquered Heart Disease and What I Learned in the Process'.

Good luck.

Zippster1977 in reply to sos007

Thanks so much for your help ! I adhere to some of these anyway , however , I’m guilty of a few pitfalls I can’t hide from ( I love a sausage and summer beers ! ) . Look forward to reading ...

sos007Ambassador in reply to Zippster1977

Recognizing your dietary mistakes is the first step to success. Now go get'em!


Salad dressing is very simple. Extra virgin olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice. If you wish, you can blend in a touch of crushed garlic or a tiny bit of red onion chopped up finely. Absolutely no need to buy it. For a little variety and zip you can add a touch of dijon mustard. 5 minutes or less.


Zippster1977 in reply to sos007

Thanks for that ! Sounds yummy

Hi. I would strongly, no change that to very strongly, recommend you read 'The Great Cholesterol Con' by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. It changed my view on cholesterol being the so called evil it is portrayed as. The problem regarding diet is the push for the so called 'healthy' low fat high carb diet. Carbs are loaded with sugar, and high carbs cause weight gain, so change to high fat low carbs, you're body needs cholesterol, and too low a cholesterol is not natural or good for you. Statins make billions for the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical industry basically sponsors all medical research and training, a conflict of interest or what for the humble GP. I was 'threatened' with statins by my medical centre for a cholesterol level of 6.5, but no way was I going on statins as I had seen in others the dreadful side effects so I read everything I could, hence my recommendation of the above book, please read it. On the hange to a low carb, high fat diet, this will actually allow you to lose weight, it did with me, and I dont want my cholesterol level any lower, but my HDL to total ratio is now healthy, and I'm 23 on the BMI, on the exercise front, I walk about 40 miles a week and do calisthenics using gymnastic rings, I'm 55 in May. Hope this helps.

Zippster1977 in reply to Madowl

Wow ! Thanks for taking the time to write that advice , that’s massively helpful . I’ll take a look at that . I’m familiar with the theory of sugar and carbs so that’s interesting . I’ll take a look at that book too . Sounds your an expert now ! Thanks again

Scoos in reply to Madowl

That's amazing I will read the book thank you. My cholesterol was 8.5 brought down to 5.5 with a statin I've found bearable. I was told it is hereditary which scared me. You are amazing doing your walking at approx 40 miles a week and that is probably what keeps your cholesterol down maybe? This is my answer :)

Triglycerides are more relevant than cholesterol in terms of Heart disease and like you said you are carrying a bit more weight than you should. Cut back on sugar and carbohydrates if you can and see what happens

Thanks for the feedback

Madowl in reply to Zippster1977

Hello again, you are very welcome and I hope it helps. Another book I can recommend by the same author is 'Statin Nation'. I also forgot to add that a huge long study into cholesterol levels was undertaken in Scandinavia and the US and its findings are stark, in that lower cholesterol levels ie the same as is being pushed by the UK National Health Service as 'healthy'ie 5, actually increase your chances of getting cancer. People with higher levels of cholesterol ie above 6.5 are less likely to get cancer than those with a cholesterol score of less than 6, but the medical establishment is not telling us that as that does not satisfy their paymasters ie big pharmaceuticals. Also the so called 'safe' cholesterol levels have been falling and falling ie 20 years or so ago a cholesterol score of 7 was considered safe, it's now 5 or less. The lower the 'safe' cholesterol levels, therefore, the more money is made by the pharmaceutical industry so of course the pharmaceutical industry is recommending lower, but unsafe, cholesterol levels as that sells more statins. Big pharmaceuticals really are not interested in a healthy population as that makes them no money. Having self educated on this now, my GP wont engage with me as he says I know more than him haha! Good luck with your journey, but go low carb, high fat, read as much as you can so you can make an informed decision and dont worry about your cholesterol levels, your body will regulate it naturally and you dont need statins. Lastly, GPs have a financial incentive in prescribing statins from their paymasters ie the evil big pharmaceuticals.

Zippster1977 in reply to Madowl

Wow ! That’s enlightening and really interesting to know . My plan is to loose a stone ( I should need to lose 2 to be the top of my BMI ) , then get off stains ASAP and be mindful of my weight . I’ve not drank so far this year anyway but realistically , I’m hoping for a summer filled with fun , that involves a few beers ! Thanks again

Hi Zippster, I’m pushing 70 and have lost over 1st since last November through following a low carb (not keto), intermittent fasting regime. I had a full blood test 2 weeks ago and my cholesterol has risen from 5.4 in 2019 to 6.5. Needless to say my doc wants me on statins and says my risk of a stroke and heart attack are great and that my cholesterol level can only get worse because of my age and of course because the QRisk computer score says so! My triglycerides are very good at 0.9 as is my HDL at 2.37. Like others on here I shall resist with all my might. I follow Malcolm Kendrick too and also Dr. Aseem Malhotra who is a cardiologist and he says statins might prolong the life of someone who’s had a heart attack but will only give you a few days extra if you’re otherwise healthy. The NHS really needs to catch up with the rest of research. They’ve been wrongly advising on diet for years. Look at the possible side effects of statins too. And yes big pharma have a lot invested in making sure we’re all medicated!

What is the score? You can try the QRISK calculator on line and see which parameter by changing to a lower number that is saying to reduce to be in good health.

11.7% Chance of a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years

That is 12 in 100, when I first started to look at QRISK the programme did not want to know my blood numbers!!.

you are doing fine, enjoy one life. !!

I m only small wear size 10 trousers still need a belt. But last Dec my cholesterol was 7.5. I don’t want to use statins so just change my diets. I cut out all the red meats, tea, coffee and cakes just nothing sugary. I have only fish and white meats 2 - 3 times a week. Occasionally rich tea biscuits and nuts. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. The main thing was that I have porridge for breakfast every morning and drink a lot water. After 3 months I managed to reduce it to 6.3. The nurse told me to keep going with my diet and to have another blood test in six months.

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