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cholesterol NMR testing.

Allank . From this article it seems that cholesterol is an important marker if you check the size of the particles. It would seem to be wise to work on changing the size of the particles or at least reducing the dangerous small particles. Does Zoe Harcombe agree to this ?

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UK, NHS protocol do not test for particle size?

Do we go private for particle test?

" Does Zoe Harcombe agree to this ? " what are you asking?


Allank in reply to sandybrown

Do you agree that the NMR particle test is important , and should be done.

sandybrown in reply to Allank

I have asked my NHS, GP practice many times for different tests and referral, the response was a GP has to stick with in NHS protocol! therefor I am afraid even if I like to go for a test privately, NHS may not offer me medication. I have to but it privately.

Channel 5, GP behind closed doors , a doctor is ready to give injection for leg pain and arm pain, my GP practice will not even want to talk about injections for leg and arm pain.

Sadly I no longer have private medical to go for any tests, like insulin, MRI san for my hip to identify hip/leg pain.!!, this applies to cholesterol particles as well.

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