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Intermittent statin use???


I have a very high Cholesterol level partly due to eating an Atkins type diet!!! Now adjusted diet to drastically reduce saturated fats and triglycerides. On days when I have to eat a little baddies for social reasons is there any merit I. Taking a statin on these days only?

The GP had given me 4 months to get the levels down before going into drugs for ever, which I don’t really want to do so Km eating lots of veg, fruit, olive derivatives oats and barley along with some benec. Thanks

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would it be possible for you to give lipid number and statin dosage for members to comment?

Total Cholesterol is 9.8. I’m now drastically adjusting diet - low fats etc and increased fibre / soluble fibre. Not yet prescribed Statins.

I have been at 9.8 for well over 20 years and suddenly through dietary changes it dropped to 6.5. Medication never got me this low. I generally always ate the correct foods anyway.

I now follow a Diabetic/CKD friendly diet with no sugar or salt and little red meat. Don't touch refined foods or man made foods and substitutes. Instead I go for natural fresh and only drink water. Withing 3 months the cholesterol levels dropped.

Not planned but a pleasant consequence of my dietary requirements.

Yes my diet is not fun but life can be addictive and I wanted more of it!

You do get used to it once the brain has been re-educated that it doesn't need to crave these pleasure foods we feed ourselves.

Occasionally drool over what I can have but then there is no pressure from the brain to act upon the urge. It is really easy to walk away from these foods as the brain recognises them as poison to me now.

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