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Hi Guys! Hope all us well.

Recent blood test shows vitamin d deficient, High level billirubin, high red blood cell count, high iron. Im taking statin, ramipril & Aspirin. Anyone got any ideas?? Im outside every day walking 13km..and as brown as a berry!!!

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Could you please let all have your blood test results.

arty_sax in reply to sandybrown

Of course.. They are in a word document... How can i send it to you? Thanx ever so much Sandy!

sandybrown in reply to arty_sax

Please have a look at chat.

What did you doctor have to say to you about your results? Have you talked to your doctor about checking for haemochromatosis (hereditary iron overload)? High iron levels and being "brown as a berry" but Vit D deficient could mean that your skin colour is unrelated to sun exposure. Liver problems can be related to haemochromatosis and high bilirubin could indicate your liver is not too happy. However, this is not a place for self-diagnosis - you need to talk further to your doctor about your results.

It seems that the majority of people are low on Vitamin D despite the amount of sun they get. Some of us just don't absorb the sun no matter how much time we are in it. However, your Billibrubin numbers seems to be a concern. Did you doctor discuss why they could be high? As for the high iron, are you absorbing a lot of iron somehow? We can have low iron AND high iron depending on our diets and vitamin intake. I live in a county where the weather is HOT all summer long. One summer I walked for as much as 1 to 2 hours a day in the sun and after the summer was over and had blood work done, I was STILL low on Vitamin D. Very frustrating. I would really like to know why your Billirubins are so high.

Yer.. Me too... I have never been low on vit d... So i am suspicious of liver function... Could be a problem brewing... I cut my statin tablet in half for a month.. Had a retest... Billirubin level down to NICE limits/ range.... Funny that... Going to explore with my gp... Thanx ever so for interest and response xx

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