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Anyone taking Rapatha? If so, let me know what you think of it. Just had my 3rd heart attack, 67 yrs. old, felmale, non smoker, only 10 lbs overweight, not diabetic, cholesterol LDL at 102, exercise, meditate and do yoga daily. I need to stop having these HA and doc is recommending Rapatha. I can't tolerate statins either. Appreciate any thoughts.

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I take Praulant injections bi weekly, I started on the 75mg injections but it was increased to 150mg. I could tolerate the additional statins and 75mg injections just but at the increased dose of 150mg, it was like having flu permanently and joint pains.

They do work as my total cholesterol was 15 mmol and got it down to 9! It had never been in single digits. I have FH.

I'd just advise you to lower the dose if the side effects become too much x

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What's FH?

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Familial Hyperlipidemia or basically inherited high cholesterol that runs 50% dominant in families. My older sisters and I were tested 20yrs ago when my mum had strokes. Both my daughter inherited it x

I haven't had a heart attack, but had 3 stents put in 18 months ago due to angina, and I was prescribed Rapatha last year. I was on the maximum dose of Lipitor, but my overall cholesterol rating had risen to 8.5 (it's never been less than 6 on statins and was originally 14.5 without them) and I was diagnosed with FH. I can't say injecting myself is pleasant, but side-effects have been minimal. I was told I might feel like I was going down with a cold or mild flu after an injection, but although I sometimes have a slightly snuffly nose for a day afterwards, I don't think I would notice it if I hadn't been told that. And it's brought my cholesterol rating down to 2.8, which seems nothing short of miraculous!

I take the monthly shot Repatha and it has brought down my cholesterol dramatically. I've had 2 heartattacks, and 2 strokes. Perfectly healthy today.

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When was your last heart attack and how long on Rapatha?

Last heart attack was September 2017. Have been on Repatha for a year.

I trialed Evocolumab/Rapatha three years ago at Synexus in Liverpool after two heart attacks, whilst I was on it I felt like a spring schicken and my cholesterol level s went to 1.2 HDL and 0.8 LDL, combined with 20 mil astorvastain.

Unfortunately the trial came to an end and I also have a hereditary situation with cholesterol.

I got put back on 40 mil astorvastatin and my levels went beyond 5 mostly LDL.

Last April my angina came back with a vengeance and it unfortunately led to me having a quadruple bypass on the 4th of July.

I was at deaths door to be honest, they performed the operation 5 days after my Angio which should tell you everything.

I was then put on 100 mil Astorvastatin and my levels went to HDL 1.8 LDL 2.

I was struggling tbh on a 100 mil stats, I work out every day too (I'm approaching 60).

I really am hoping Rapatha is going to give me at least 15 years with the new plumbing but I live for the day tbh.

I've only been on it for 4 weeks but I will report back god willing, stay safe and well everyone.

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