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Immune system


Could someone clarify a question for me.

I take statins and have been told it effects the immune system. I am 55 yrs old and am still working in a busy ofice. Am I at risk of catching dog is 19 due to lie immune system.

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Have a look at this report:

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Thank you . I work in a busy medical records department for the nhs. We have no information regarding if we are at risk of catching civic 19from the paper files. We just get told to come into work. Three colleague are off due to their medication for arthritis. But if you take stations your fine.

I just want to know if I am vulnerable taking stations and blood pressure tablets.

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My wife worked in medical records. Old records may be OK, any records that went out to a doctor or consultant one have to be careful. With this virus I am not sure if a doctor or a consultant will be looking to check records of any new person, may be a person with existing problems.

You say you are taking blood pressure medication!, blood pressure medication side effect can give your a dry cough!?

Take care use protective clothing, wash your hands regularly.

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These records are coming straight from A&E and current in patient stays. Thanks though.

Beef up your vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics. It’s ok to take statins. I am right now, taking 20 mg Lipitor. Getting good rest, staying hydrated and eating well.


I don't think anyone can give you a definitive answer for your question.

In general, things that you can do to boost your immune system are:

- get 8 hours of sleep every night

- avoid all sources of sugar, including processed foods;

- eliminate simple carbohydrates

- eat more fruits and vegetables

- eat more legumes

- best fruits are berries - blueberries/raspberries

- incorporate these spices in your meals: Ceylon Cinnamon, ginger, tumeric

- consider a Quercetin supplement

- exercise daily

- follow the Mediterranean Diet so your body gradually moves toward its natural weight

Read my pinned post to the right side of this page titled:

"How I Conquered Heart Disease and What I Learned in the Process"


Read this interesting article in today's Mail online:

From cutting back on salt and booze to taking your statins... How to keep your immune system fighting fit and ready to tackle infections

Exercise is recommended as a way to boost your body's immune system

Readers should avoid salt as scientists say it reduces white blood cell's strength

It is also recommended that people do not over-consume alcohol at this time

Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

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The only comment I would query is about avoiding salt - I struggle to take in enough salt and have been recommended that I should consume at least 6g of salt/day. I really struggle to do this and for anyone with arrythmias, PoTS and low BP, salt is essential.

Too much salt if you take a lot of take away foods, ready meal etc - OK.

Good tips from @sandybrown and @sos707 but I would also recommend reading Dr Rupy Aujla and his new book on How to beat illness which has a chapter on immunity and how to eat to improve your immune system. From a UK emergency doctor working on the front line.

The purpose of this chapter on immunity is to get you thinking about immune health in a different way. Rather than thinking of immunity as an isolated system that requires ‘boosting’ with individual ingredients, think about it

from the perspective of making healthy lifestyle choices to build your metabolic and energy reserve. This strengthens all of the specialised cells and organs needed to support your body’s natural immunity and homeostatic mechanisms.

His home website is also full of great information and recipes.

My pet hate is incorrect use of verbs. It is AFFECTS not effects .effects are the result of something not the “”. Doing “ word/ verb

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