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High cholesterol despite living ang eating very healthy- no process food



I am 64yrs old , history of family high cholesterol, most of my life I have ate high fibre, fish, pulses etc, last 2 years ate vegan diet, no dairy , wheat etc.

After my stent where put in following angina. Initial drop in cholesterol but lots of major side effects and poor sleep I came off them for two years. My cholesterol went back up. In fact when I return to statins it jumped fro 3 to 6 in 3months ,

Told I was obese- have fatty liver. Never smoked or drank alcohol.

Now 11stone -71kg since the age of 45yrs old - only change was menopause at 45.

Very active , did sleep well until on statins,

Any suggestions on how to reduce cholesterol without statins

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Your liver synthesizes cholesterol in response to an inflammatory diet and lack of exercise. Solve your diet and exercise and the cholesterol will take care of itself.

Best thing you can do is eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates, plus do a brisk walk daily for at least 20 minutes and work your way up to 60 minutes.

I recommend you read my pinned post on the right side of this page:

"How I Conquered Heart Disease and What I Have Learned in the Process".

Monitor these blood metrics and keep them below the levels indicated here:

- triglycerides <0.75 mmol/l

- ALT <20 U/L

- Uric acid <500 umol/l

Keep the values as low as possible.

Watch this video:

I reduced my cholesterol from 6.7 to 5.3 with a strict diet. Then up to 6.6 again although skimmed milk and not much fat. Then had gall bladder probs and while waiting 18months for op I didn't even have butter or marge on toast, mashed potatoes with skimmed milk, absolutely no fat in my diet. Boiled potatoes and quorn for 18months. My cholesterol was still 5.3 so my body must be producing cholesterol. I have had op a d occasionally enjoy cheese and eggs so because the 5.3 diet is unrealistic for all the time I've agreed to take statins. I have other issues. I have always like you eaten healthily but have all these digestive and other problems. A friends husband died suddenly last year aged 63 and he refused statins because of the grapefruit restrictions! I'm going to persevere. Good luck.

Itried 3 different statins and all made me ill.Came off them completely and went on healthy eating plan without help and lost 4 stone in 9 months but my cholesterol actually went up.went back to docs to discuss what to do next i was put on a non statin drug called ezetimibe and so far fingers crossed i have been okay on them for 2 months, have got to have a repeat blood test in 4 months to see if it as done the trick.Hope so. anne xx

Thanks craftynan2five. Until current state of affairs is finished I'll carry on with the Atorvastatin. My weight is under 9st and never been more than it should be. Always eaten my greens and plenty fibre and don't like fatty food and yet I have diverticular disease, had a gall bladder chock full of stones and removed and have acid reflux. And high cholesterol even after 18months of no cheese, eggs or dairy while waiting gall bladder op. Not fair really! I was due for blood test to check how statins were doing but once I do go back to GP I'll ask about ezetimibe. I'm 72 with AFib so keeping clear of surgery. Thanks again. Keep safe!

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