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statins and genetic high cholesterol


Sorry if this is long

I will be 66 this month and have been on thyroid meds since age 18 on doses varying from 100-150 during which I had 4 healthy pregnancies and under went treatment for cancer in my 40’s Do to the cancer I had a pelvic exenteration ( radical hysterectomy with colostomy) I have a genetic predisposition to high choleseterol (dad died at 68 from heart attack despite being on statins and his dad died at 44) like my dad and granddad I a thin ( 95 pounds) and active. I have osteoporosis and take alendronate once a week. I also take T3 but my doctor doesn’t know it

2 years ago I had to change Dr and the new Dr lowered my thyroid from 100-.75 based on my TSH being .002 (.o4- 4.5) Cholesterol was 215 and he put me on statins 40

I ddn’t notice much difference in the lowered does of levo

Went back in 3 month and he lowered thyroid to 50 based on TSH of .06 I felt tired and constipated after a few months Because of adhesion from my abdominal surgeries I am prone to bowel blockages so need to avoid constipation. Went back a few month later and saw the Nurse Practioner because the Doctor was on vacation. She ordered t4 along with TSH and TSH was .9 ( T 4 was low .5 (.8-1.8) She upped the levo to . 75 and I felt better. She said my liver enzymes were elevated probably from the statins and ordered a lover ultra sound which was normal I stopped taking the statins and tried to just eat healthy. I walk between 5-7 miles per day and take care of my 3 young grandchildren full time

In January I was due to have blood work done with my regular doctor so I stopped taking the levo and t3 for a week and a half. I did this because I was afraid he would lower it again and he doesn’t test t4 I felt of until the last few days of this.. My TSH was high at 4.95 but he said this is insignificant. My cholesterol was 343 Triglycerides 153 LDl 244 and HDL-LDL/ Chol ratio normal at 4.8

He was very concerned that I had stopped taking the statins and upped the dose to 80 which I am scared to take so I am just taking 40. I feel guilty about deceiving my doctor but can’t change I mentioned to him that my cholesterol goes up when my thyroid is low but he seems to think the statins will take care of it.

Does anyone else have anything similar or and what do you do ?

Not sure if I should post this on the thyroid or cholesterol side

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Please do a post at thyroid.

Do you have any side effect to statin medication?

I am unable to comment on statin medication, this is because I do not take statin due to side effect but my cholesterol is above normal in UK numbers.

I am managing it by life style change and regular exercise.

Drs years ago, before Thyroid bloods were done, knew that high cholesterol has an inverted effect on low thyroid and would treat patients with natural thyroid medication till patient felt better and both low thyroid and cholesterol would normalise.

Post this up on another community HU site called ‘Thyroid UK.’

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