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High Cholesterol 8 2

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Dear All

For the last 18 months I've been under an hepatologiest for raised LFT bloods and have undergone the usual ECG, Ultrasounds, MRI, CT, fibroscan, camera up and camera down with only minor following procedures required.

Following the above tests I've been monitored for possible non alcohlic PBC and Sarcoid! Biopsy yet to follow.

Over numerous years my cholestrol has been stuck at around the 6.5 mark which I know is high! My numerous GP's have commented but said they were not to concerned as I have blood pressure is that of a fit athlete and I'm not diabetic! I've lost 3 stone is weight, eat fairly healthy and keep fit!

My September and October blood tests rocketed along with my cholesterol to a whopping 8.2 causing my GP and consultant to be concerned. The Hepatologiest said no to statins until the results of a further recent CT scan are known which should be on the 7th of January.

Over the last 2 years my bloods have only reduced to normal readings 3 times and last week's is one of those three which is weird !

Due to my high cholesterol I've been debating on whether to go privately and have an ECG under stress to check the condition of my arteries as I have no faith in routine ECG's or do I wait to see a lipid specialist which I've not yet been referred to and request one then!

My reason for this statement is because my first husband was admitted to hospital numerous times with a suspected heart attacks, each time an ECG was given! The second attack he was kept in for 10 days!

A few years later due to my husbands health deterioration at the age of 35 he saw the oldest GP at the practice who recommended an ECG under stress be carried out, this eventually highlighted that my husband required an urgent quad by- pass and within less than a week this was carried out. Further tests did highlighted his 1st heart attack at the age of 27 which his first GP thought he'd had!

My question is has anyone undergone a private ECG under stress due to having high cholesterol ?

Regards Shropshire Lass

2 Replies

When my blood test first showed high cholesterol and high blood glucose I was under pressure to take medication which refused!

I was told by my GP that medication is the answer to undo the damage caused by high cholesterol and high blood glucose to my body.

At that time I had health medical benefit from employment therefore I requested for a referral to a specialist to do a 12- lead stress test. During the test my BP increased and I was asked about high blood pressure. I did not have high BP but the test on the tread mill increased my BP for the duration of the test.

This test did not show any issues. Later on under NHS I had a echo cardiogram to check on the damage, no issues, then I asked the heart consultant if I need statin and the answer was no. I started my life style change 6 years ago, reduced weight, new cloths, felt a lot better.

Because my blood glucose was high I was put on GP practice diabetic register, I get blood test, eye test, foot test once a year, all OK so far, no medication. Only time will tell.

As I had had low back pain, I have pain in my back and left leg, I go to the gym every day as I am retired now, because of the gym exercise I get pain in my upper arms.

You need to find a good, experienced specialist for 12- lead stress test if you are spending your money. There may be other tests available. What you could do is to go to a gym, work on tread mill, check the heart rate at the lowest speed, increase the speed that is OK for you, walk or run for 25 minutes, then cool down, check the heart rate, at the end of cool down the heart rate should come back to the starting heart rate.

If you have any heart problem you may not be able to go on the tread mill, difficulty in breathing!!


Hi Sandy

Thank you for your in depth message! I will definately look into your suggestion of a 12 lead stress test, however as Christmas is almost upon us I will now wait until I've seen my consultant on the 7th of Jan for CT results!

Re your excellent treadmill advice! I will check this out tomorrow whilst at the gym, however I did stop working on the treadmill some months back due to dizzy spells each time which I did mention to my GP ! No issue's with breathening!

Thank you once again and I wish you a Merry Christmas 🎄


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