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Lowering cholesterol


Please would you send me the flora pro active cholesterol lowering information pack.

[Edited to remove personal details]

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Morning Claire, don't post your address here. It's a public site and everyone can see it!

You can ask for help on lowering cholesterol but you need to provide more information.

Why did you go for blood test?

What was the cholesterol blood test numbers?

You can reduce blood cholesterol by food intake control and regular exercise, watching out for hidden sugar and free sugar in food.

Manufacturers put in advert to sell their products but it may not work for every one!!!

Human body needs cholesterol therefore you need to understand your numbers and the look at controlling the numbers and general health.

As the other reply, this is a public site therefore please remove you home address and put in more information on your cholesterol bold test.

Dovaston in reply to sandybrown

Are you the site Doctor ?

sandybrown in reply to Dovaston

No I am not a doctor.

I started my life style change five years ago and all the research have given me a very clear understanding. TV programme "sugar free farm" this week there were two experiments, one how to make products from buffalo milk and how to make products from veg oil, very interesting.

Over the last five years I have taken a number of free online course on medicine and health.

I used to take antihistamine medication for over 30 years this is because the GPs told me it is under control therefore continue with the medication for the rest of your life!

for the last 6 months I have not had any antihistamine medication and I am not on any other medication. Only time will tell, I am enjoying one life as a retired IT engineer.

By the way my bold test numbers are above the NHS average.

Hi Claire I really wouldn't put personal info on site that's open.


Flora ....plant sterols....directly linked to CHD ... Is that really what you want? Go on a clean diet, exercise a lot more, get out in the fresh air, sleep better and relax

Dovaston in reply to Paul12

Hi Paul " plant sterols directly linked to CHD ? Can you please expand on that comment. Thank you

Paul12 in reply to Dovaston


Dovaston in reply to Paul12

Many thanks Paul .... very interesting !

I how do you go about getting the lowering cholesterol pack please 😊

sandybrown in reply to Angie-123

Follow this link:


I got to this from Google, looking for lowering cholesterol pack.

Before you start on this journey please read all the information available to you.

This may work for some people but not all of us.

Man made spread from oils have their added issues!!!!!

Angie-123 in reply to sandybrown

Thank you Bala tried going on page but it keeps crashing, will try again later . Thank you😊

sandybrown in reply to Angie-123

There is always a problem with Internet!. you may find a telephone number in the tub!, give a call to get the information you want.

at the end of the day, you need exercise, food and drinks intake control and al o watching out for hidden sugar and free sugar in pre pared food and drinks.

That's TERRIBLE advice on that Flora site!! Swap 'bad' such as saturated (Which are actually very heart and body healthy!!) healthimpactnews.com/2016/c... with low fat and vegetable oils, which are terrible for the heart and general health too!

Also, as Paul12 above said, plant sterols have been shown to increase risk for coronary heart disease!! thescipub.com/abstract/10.3...

No surprise though, when Flora are a corporation (Owned by Unilever who make also toilet cleaners!!!) and their whole business relies on unhealthy people. Again, follow the money!

AND, look who owns Unilever......THE one and only most evil company in the world...MONSANTO!!!! Do you really trust them with your health??!!!!!!!


What can I say!

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