Blood test numbers for discussion, good or bad?

I hade my blood test last month, the printed test details has 30 different information. Age 70, waist 35 inches, weight 78kg, height 5ft 6 inches.

A1c =54 mmol/mol

Cholesterol ratio = 6.22

HDL = 0.98

Cholesterol 6.1

non- HDL 5.1 mmol/L

Previous test was a year ago.

I started my life style change fivers ago, daily gym visit, food and drinks intake control and the above numbers are my achievement. I do not feel any different!

Only time will tell if I need any medication as I am not taking any medication at the moment. Enjoying one life.

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  • Any reason why? LDL and triglyceride tests numbers or calculations calculated were not given in the blood test.

    What is the importance of the Non-HDL number?

  • Too much carbohydrate.

  • Most likely medication is statins. Avoid them. Do all lifestyle changes you can. Join fbook group Side effects statins and also fbook group Optimising nutrition. Do DAILY yoga - really the best exercise for you. Walk, walk, walk as that has huge psychological benefits.

    Forget the gym - save your money - and buy a blood pressure monitor

    Plenty of YouTube videos on beginners yoga and body weight exercises

    If you can, get a dog


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