Eating three tomatoes a day!

Dr Martin Scurr of The Daily Mail suggests that eating three tomatoes can help with stickiness of the platelets. This is in the answer to a question in today's health section in the copy of the Mail

"Why won't they unblock my neck arteries?" This was identified by a ultrasound scan on the neck. Very interesting reading.

There are different packages offered by private medical people like "Blue crest" who offer this scan service and I had it done few years ago.

In the health section there is a comment on five a day and portion!

2 Replies

  • The effect of the tomatoes would seem to be down to lycopene, which can also be found in other fruit and veg: go for a variety of red, orange and yellow.

  • Yes, it's important to go for variety in a balanced diet and getting that from the spectrum of colours is a good idea.

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