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Man with hardened arteries some 5,300 years ago.


If we think hardened arteries is a modern phenomenon, well, the discovery of the body of a man who was killed some 5,300 years ago proves us wrong. Article in Daily Mail today re Otzi, who was discovered by hikers 25 years ago on the Austrian - Italian borders, describes how scientists have discovered he died at the age of 46 after being shot in the back with an arrow, had not an ounce of excess fat on him, was lactose intolerant and had a genetic predisposition to heart disease as shown by his hardened arteries. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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Thank you, very interesting. Are the professors going to re think their findings.

Hunter gatherers did not have any heart problems!!!!



A bit more science detail, if you're interested.

sandybrown in reply to Penel


Thank you, more information, it will be interesting to find out if the 19 living relatives gene test results for heart problems.

KatyB in reply to Penel

Interesting that in the comments, one person said his lungs were black from regular camp fire exposure.

One thing is for sure - none of us are getting out of this alive!! :) Now what would be best? - a good quick heart attack or a lingering death with cancer, prolonged by chemotherapy. I think probably the former - which is why I will continue running. Perhaps the running will lengthen my life so that I die unfortunately of the latter - or perhaps it will shorten my life by having a heart attack while running. I would prefer this. I do tell my wife where I am running to and how long I should be away - so that she knows where to go to look for the body!!!

KatyB in reply to Bazza1234

Well said, better die doing something you enjoy than ending up in a Care Home at the mercy of other people.

sandybrown in reply to Bazza1234

Do you enjoy driving? fast cars?

My strong believe is that I am unable to change the total number of hear beat that my mum gave when she produced me, (no user manual). My time will be up at the end of the total number, no matter what take place in life. I have been in situations in my life and came through all of them, fire crackers, water, road, medication and so on.

During my student days in Sri Lanka, the lamp for lighting the home was paraffin lamps!

I wonder what sort of damage this has done to my lungs and also from 1965 to 1968 I used paraffin heater in the rented room, I used to cook on top of the paraffin heater in the winter days!!!

I am here to tell this story.

KatyB in reply to sandybrown

Thank goodness you are still here Bala. I'm sure we must take in a lot of chemicals these days, that's why it is important to eat the right food and drink plenty of liquid in the hope it expels them from our bodies.

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