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High Cholesterol!, statins ruined my life!

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There has been many questions on statins and cholesterol. Please read this story on statins in the health section, in The Mail on Sunday.

Can we trust our GP on their cholesterol lowering medication?

We can all do our research and live a better life.

Can we believe the NHS diet facts?


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Her Cholesterol came down from 11.5 to 9.8 after 12 weeks on statin!

Then it dropped to 7 after life style change.

AS she is a well known person the story is in the paper for others to read.

My life style change is similar with an answer phone message to call the GP practice after blood tests. My life style change di reduce the cholesterol slowly but the GP wanted me on station therefore I tried, cholesterol dropped from 7.6 to 2.8 within three months!! I tried very hard to write about my experience but it was very difficult!

Gave up statin after three months due to side effect.

My strong belief is that food intake control ,watching out for hidden and free sugar and regular exercise can help to reduce cholesterol and helps towards a healthy life.

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PeterWh in reply to sandybrown

You didn't state that there is another subtlety in that the cholesterol going down to 7 happened not only after lifestyle changes but after STOPPING the statin.

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sandybrown in reply to PeterWh

Thanks. Cholesterol went down without statin!

I have a good GP who recommended statins for me. It is wise to consider whether high levels of cholesterol are hereditary. Statins can lower levels in this case. Lifestyle helps but is not the complete answer. It is good to discuss statins but one size does not fit all.

I note further down the artical

"The risks of that for patients are usually outweighed by the tremendous benefits statins can confer in preventing catastrophic strokes and heart attacks."

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